Computer Tips

Use these tips, tools, and resources can help keep any computer happy, healthy, and trouble-free.

Things to do

...Every Day

  • Update your virus and spyware definitions: Viruses spread within hours, so keeping your antivirus software up-to-date is essential.
  • Reboot when programs crash: Failed applications can cause other programs to falter. Fully restart your system after every crash to clear it out.

...Every Week

  • Perform a full virus and spyware scan: Find anything nasty hiding on your system by regularly scheduling a total scan.
  • Run Windows Update: Get the latest patches from Microsoft to secure your system, by running this from the Start menu.
  • Run a spyware-and-adware removal program: Quickly find and remove sneaky spyware.

...Every Month

  • Update your programs: To make your programs more stable, check for vendors' software updates or visit a site such as FileHippo (
  • Run disk defrag: Keep your system running fast, by running this from the start menu. Newer versions of Microsoft Windows has this scheduled by default.